Waypost Coffee Roasters

Logo Design, Packaging

Waypost Coffee Roasters

Coffee Roasters with a whole new look


Waypost Coffee Roasters’ logo and packaging was not representative of their high quality or their desired position in the marketplace, and distributors were not enthusiastic about adding Waypost Coffee Roasters packaging to their shelves.


We developed a brand strategy and visual identity that would overcome the challenges and meet the goals of Waypost Coffee Roasters.


Distributors and consumers want to place orders with the new packaging, and sales are trending to soar.

What We Did

Through our Journey Line process, we developed an updated logo and completely redesigned their packaging to fit the elegant brand identity they sought after.

Services Included: Logo Development, Package Design

Meticulously handcrafted.

A collaboration of roaster and bean meeting together to bring the drinker something great.