Brand Reputation Management for your Marketing Agency

Brand Reputation Management for your Marketing Agency


As marketing agencies, we spend our time and efforts making other companies reach their full potential. But have you ever taken a step back and asked yourself if your marketing agency is reaching its full potential? You can start by analyzing your company’s reputation

Reputation management is the ability to influence what people think of a brand from their online presence. Here we explain what you can do to ensure that you manage your brand’s reputation, successfully inspiring others to believe the best about your agency.

It’s All About Your Digital Presence

By providing the most positive representations of your agency online, you can affect the way others see you (and, consequently, see your work).  Now this doesn’t mean that you must target each individual, you can do this by targeting search engines, social media, and crowd-sourced review websites.

Your Reputation Affects Your Bottom Line

You cannot gain clients and make sales when your target market doesn’t trust your brand. When your reputation is favorable, conversions are more likely.

A Good Reputation = Survival

When a marketing agency’s reputation is damaged, customers will stop all transactions and orders. You must be always working on your reputation with the use of a concrete reputation management plan. When issues happen, your job is to focus on that issue and improve your company’s image.  But when you are always working on your reputation, you are in the perfect place to sustain during hard times and recover from the crisis.

Controlling Your Reputation

While you cannot make people think what you want them to, you can put out positive reinforcement in your posts, news stories, and more. But remember, some things influence the way individuals perceive everything in their lives.  You cannot control their experiences or expectations. So, their view of your company may not be favorable and there is nothing you can do about that.

When Issues Become the Story: Recovering from a Bad Reputation

When bad reviews and publicity become the first thing that search engines deliver to your market, your reputation can be damaged. At that point, you and your team would have to work to decrease the visibility of these damaging pieces if possible.

To overcome your situation, you must step back and find out what is being said, and understand the situation. Next, you should acknowledge any situation that you have caused and promise to keep your audience notified as you work your way back and handle the situation.

Implement long-term strategies to repair your reputation with positive content about your business. 

Forming a Positive Online Reputation

Search yourself and your company.  Consider the results and decide what needs to be done about them.  Reputation monitoring tools can regularly do this for you. Google Alerts will notify you when negative content and reviews are published about your business.

Publish your own positive content.  Use your website, blog, and social media accounts to provide compelling and positive content.  Leverage the power of review management tools to improve your online reviews.

Enlist help. Sometimes we’re so caught up in our day to day work that we don’t take the time to manage aspects like brand reputation. If you’re drowning in work (which is not a bad problem to have, if you ask us), you can always hire a white-label marketing agency to help with the workload. This way, you can focus on leveraging your own agency’s reputation.

Reputation management is more important now than it has ever been. Everyone searches for information about businesses before committing. By being proactive you can manage your reputation.  

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