To Market or Not Market During this Time

To Market or Not Market During this Time


In today’s climate, the question of whether to continue to market or call it quits for a while is on a lot of marketers’ minds. Undoubtedly, people are struggling on many different levels because of the pandemic, and some have been hit harder than others. With that being said, it’s important to let the relationship part of marketing shine by building up and connecting with clients and consumers during this unprecedented time. Let your clients know you value them. 

Sending an email or making a call to clients, simply asking how they and their loved ones are doing, can help deepen and grow the client/marketer relationship. People are in need of hope and encouragement at this time, and showing interest in your clients’ personal lives lets them know that you care. In your endeavor to grow your relationship with clients, remember to always be authentic and sincere. 

Although some people can’t afford your products and services at this time, they may still be in need of them. Many people have been hit hard financially because of the pandemic. Now is your chance to show charity and be a beacon of hope in the community. Offering clients discounted services or free items could lead to them becoming loyal customers when things go back to normal. Sometimes you have to put the business aspect to the side and show your clients the human side of your brand. Doing this can impact them (and you) in meaningful ways. 

If you’re not able to reach someone directly affected by the pandemic, consider going out into the community and helping those on the frontlines. Essential workers like healthcare providers, restaurant workers, mail carriers, and grocery store clerks are fighting mental battles every day. The dilemma of having to work but being afraid of potentially becoming sick can put a considerable amount of stress on them. Is your company able to donate supplies or masks? Maybe, you can buy a team of frontline workers breakfast or lunch. They could definitely use kindness and hope during this crisis. 

Understandably, some businesses are also facing financial obstacles due to loss of revenue because of the virus. Perhaps, you can provide support to clients without extending your budget, through communication. Distressing news stories are constantly circling the media, but stories of hope and love can radiate positivity to your readers. Try adding articles to your company blog that provides advice on adjusting to our current situation or funny stories that will give them a good laugh. We have the power to uplift entire communities through thoughtful marketing that makes people feel supported and cared for.