Incorporating Digital to Traditional Media

Incorporating Digital to Traditional Media


Everyone has seen the transition from TV to YouTube, from newspapers and news shows to independent journalism, and even from radio to podcasts. Traditional media continues to be a powerhouse, yet digital media has begun to outpace it, providing people with more accessible, interactive, and convenient tools for consuming information, entertainment, and more. The bottom line is that the revenue for traditional media is shrinking, making it more important than ever to begin incorporating digital with your traditional media sales.

Interestingly, providers of traditional media are actually in a better position than those who solely provide digital media. This is due to the fact that traditional media providers already have one effective medium, so by adding the digital medium on, they have wider options and gain a further reach than digital providers.

There are numerous reasons why traditional providers need to begin utilizing digital, including the fact that their audience is online, and that digital tools are simple to personalize, track, and automate.

As a traditional media provider, there are a few things you will need to do in order to cohesively add on digital tools.

  • Your team will need new training in order to become proficient in selling digital.
  • You will also need to transition your clients who are used to a solely traditional approach so that they develop buy-in for your new offerings, helping them understand marketing spillover and multi-platform campaigns.
  • Another essential component for adding digital is understanding your competition and your target market in order to discover where your top opportunities lie.

While there is a widening gap between traditional and digital media sales, there is a great opportunity for traditional media providers to bridge that gap by seamlessly combining the two. Learn everything you need to know with Better Set Go’s Ultimate Kit to Free Marketing. DOWNLOAD NOW