The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely

The Ultimate Guide to Working Remotely


At this time in our lives, working from home is the new norm for most businesses. Most people dream of working from home because it’s convenient and comfortable. The problem is, slipping into a place of complacency and decreased productivity is all the more easier. Here are some tips to help you remain efficient while working from home: 

  • Create a Separate Workspace- Find a room or space in your home that’s not frequented too much by family, or somewhere you don’t complete daily activities like the kitchen or bedroom. Make this space your designated workstation. 
  • Stick to a Routine- Jump in the shower or go for a run like you would do on a normal day in-office. When work is over, change into some comfy pajamas or lounging clothes to remind yourself it’s time to relax.  
  • Move Around- Staying crouched over a computer for long periods of time isn’t good for your body and can put a damper on your mood. Stay active by stretching or going for a walk to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape. 
  • Remember to Take Breaks- Give your brain some downtime during the day by taking time to make a snack or doing a load of laundry, whatever will give you some time to refocus. 

Besides staying productive in the work aspect, we have to take care of ourselves on the personal side. Being confined inside and trying to stay away from others can bring about a whirlwind of negative emotions. Try finding new hobbies that are fun and keep you busy. Pick up some paint and canvas and start painting, or make a tasty new recipe you think your family would love. When you’re needing a bit of calmness in your life, utilize apps that help you meditate or consider seeing a counselor to keep your spirits up.

Businesses who are struggling to keep the enthusiasm and company culture alive should take a new approach to staying connected. You may not be able to meet in-office for monthly meetings, but you can hold virtual meetings using popular conference apps. Encourage team members to take the time to check in on other members periodically to make sure everyone is doing well and staying on track. If you have a weekly company perk like free employee breakfast on Mondays, continue it outside the office using gift cards or e-credits. Let creativity take over to continue to inspire and uplift your work community.