What is User Experience (UX)?

What is User Experience (UX)?


User experience is a term that refers to a person’s overall experience when visiting a certain website or application. The first aspect that should be considered when wanting to improve UX is determining the wants and needs of your audience. Getting a better understanding of your audience allows you deliver relevant content to them. 

Effortless navigation makes for a user-friendly interface. Organize your site using a visual hierarchy which guides the user’s eye to relevant content calls to action. Try not to use the same font and type for all of your interface’s tabs and headings. Users should be able to differentiate between general information and important information. Visitors who have difficulty navigating websites may get frustrated and leave the site resulting in a negative user experience. Before going live with your site, test it out with real users to get helpful feedback in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Consider using sites like Hotjar and Crazy Egg to track user engagement with your site. 

Remember to acknowledge your users’ actions. If they jump from one page to another, try highlighting that page or placing a clear heading so consumers don’t feel lost while navigating through your website. Placing high-ranking keywords is beneficial in the beginning stages of building a website but building consumer retention is even more important. An exceptional user experience will keep consumers sharing your content and coming back to your site. Prioritizing user experience for your website or app can bring higher conversion rates, decreased bounce rates, and increased consumer engagement. 

People hate waiting! To avoid slow response times and loading, try not to overdesign your website with unnecessary features or multiple graphics. Remember to always choose usability over aesthetics. Create easy navigation for consumers with clear headings and interactive tab designs. When building a website, try not to neglect the user experience for mobile users. After all, over half of internet traffic takes place on a mobile device.